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 (* Download) Tubemate APK Latest Version | Tubemate APK Android,iPhone

Tubemate APK Download: It always happens that you need to download a YouTube video and you always surf for various sites and links to find out how to download a video from YouTube.When you don’t have a data connection, it becomes tough for you to watch the videos online. Have you ever thought that in the absence of the internet how will you look at a video that you want to? So many issues right? Don’t worry; we have got a permanent solution for this. Check out the Spotify Beta APK download to accompany the Tubemate APK Download. Now, you can save your time and energy in finding out the different links and sites and also watch the videos in the absence of the internet connection. There is one interesting app named Tubemate App, which will help you to download any video available on the Internet.

Tubemate Youtube Downloader | Tubemate App APK

This is one of the most popular and famous apps that makes your downloading easier and at the same time faster. It already has millions of users. With this app, you can download the videos directly on your mobile phone without any hindrance. The videos that you download can be watched by you any time, anywhere.

It is a user-friendly app and is very easy to use. To download tubemate apk, you just need to type the video you are looking for in the search bar and then click on the green arrow which you will find at the bottom of the screen. It also will give you options regarding the quality of the video in which you would like to download. It will give you all the available options in regard to the resolution of the video which is compatible with your Android device. The videos that you download will be stored on the SD card, but the location can be changed as per your comfortability.

Features Of Tubemate App APK

  • This app supports different kinds of resolutions. You are given the option to choose the resolution in which you want the video to be downloaded provided that it is supported on your Android device. However, the full HD 108p and UHD 2160p can be played only on the high-end devices.
  • You can download the videos in different file formats as well. The videos can be downloaded in MP4 and FLV format. In case you want to download the video in MP3 format or any other audio format, you will have to download an mp3 converter from the play store.
  • Tube mate not only helps you to download the videos that you find on YouTube, but it also helps you to watch the videos online provided you have a data connection or Wi-Fi. It works correctly even in a 2G connection.
  • As I told, it a user-friendly app. When you download a video on Tube mate, the downloading process is shown in the notification bar. You have the option to cancel and stop the downloading process in case you want to.
  • In case the downloading process is interrupted due to no internet connection, tube mate supports resume download as well, the downloading of the videos can be done with the resume supported.
  • The video that you download from the app are automatically saved to the SD card, and the location of the video can be changed as per your comfort level.
  • The Tube mate app also provides an internal video player to playback the videos after downloading.
  • There is no problem if you have a little internet connection, you can still watch the videos with low quality.
  • Not only from YouTube, but Tubemate also lets you download videos from video streaming websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more.

Download Tubemate Apk Latest Version For Android, iOS Devices

How to download the video on Tubemate?

When you open the tube mate app, any video on the app you are given the options whether you want to watch the video or download the video. In case you want to go ahead with the watching, you can select the option to view. In case you want to download the video, click on the green arrow that you will find on the bottom of the screen. The video will get downloaded in the MP4 default format. You can also change the size of you want to.

How to download the audio in the Tubemate app?

In case you don’t want to download the video but want the video and in audio format, the same steps are to be followed but you need to select the option of ‘Download as MP3’ The quality of the sound will be based on its video format. The quality will not be the best but also not the worst. You will be able to listen but not for a longer period.

How to Install Tubmate APK on Android?

The app is not available on the Google store, and thus, you will have to go to the download page directly. You can also directly surf the official website and download the apk file directly on the computer which can later on transferred to your android device. In case you are using Windows 7 and Android 4.0+, you can only connect the computer and move the file to the folder you want to locate.

For Android 2.3 and 3.0 users, you can directly download the file from the tube mate mobile site as that is the easiest process.

Once you are done with the downloading of the tube mate YouTube downloader, open the Astro File Manager. Over here, open ‘My files’ and then select the option of ‘Folders’ open the folder where you have saved the apk and then install it.

Thus, I hope that after going through this article, all the android users will download the tube mate video downloader right away as it is very beneficial and useful.

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